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Philips Respironics Everflo Oxygen Concentrator

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What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

An Oxygen Concentrator which is also called Oxygen Generator or Oxygen machine sometimes is a medical device used to deliver oxygen to a patient who is in need of it. Unlike an Oxygen cylinder or Oxygen tank which has a set amount of oxygen, this device runs on power and supplies an unlimited supply of oxygen to the patient.

How does an oxygen Concentrator Work?

The device takes in air from the surroundings and compresses it. The cooling mechanism keeps the oxygen machine from heating. It then removes nitrogen from the air via filters and sieve beds and delivers purified oxygen to the patient via a nasal cannula or mask.

Which is the best oxygen machine on the market?

Philips Respironics offers Everflo Oxygen Concentrator which can provide oxygen therapy to those who require up to 5lpm of oxygen flow.

Features and Benefits of Philips Respironics Everflo Oxygen Concentrator:-

Oxygen Concentrator on rent
  •   Lightweight -31lbs (14kgs)
  •   Cost effective & Compact and sleek design - 15' x 23" 9.5"
  •   Very quiet, produces less noise - 45dbA
  •   Uses less power and produces less heat - 350 watts
  •   Low maintenance (filter change after 2 years)
  •   3 years warranty from Philips Respironics
  •   Easy to use
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Brand: Philips


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Why renting an Oxygen Concentrator is a good Idea?

If a patient is in need of oxygen post-surgery during recovery, he can take Oxygen concentrator machine on monthly rent instead of buying it to save cost. Rental Oxygen concentrator machines are maintained in good condition by our technicians and all the delivery and installation is done at patient's home from our side.

Why choose Homeland healthcare to get Oxygen Concentrator on rent?

  •   Well maintained Oxygen machines in Good Condition.
  •   Hassle-free home deliveries.
  •   Free installation and user training.
  •   Easy and affordable monthly rentals.
  •   Timely replacements if there's any problem with the product.

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