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Hospital Bed on Rent

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Manual Hospital beds

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Manual Hospital beds

  • A standard hospital bed is a bed having special features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of care givers.
  • They come in different models and can be basically divided into two categories SEMI FOWLER and FULL FOWLER bed.
  • A semi fowler bed there is an option for back raise using a handle from the foot end.
  • A full fowler bed there is an option for back raise as well as leg raise using two separate handles.
Motorised bed recliner

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Motorised bed recliner

  • This electric recliner can be fitted on any homebed thus saves the space issues in small houses/apartments.
  • This provides the back raise function using a remote which makes the process of lifting the patient easy and also gives the patient the back support for sitting in upright position.

Electric Hospital beds

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Electric Hospital beds

  • Electric hospital beds are operated by a hand held remote which makes it easy for the patient to operate all the functions of the bed without any external help.
  • They come in single , double , three function and five function models.
  • A three function electric bed has the option of adjustable height along with back raise and leg raise.
  • A five function electric bed is a full utility hospital bed used in ICU and has two additional functions of Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg.

ICu Bed electric

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Five Function Electric ICU Bed

  • This is an advanced rental medical bed and has features such as Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg, special slanting feature, chair position facility, adjustable height and side rails and comes with the remote operated facility.
  • This bed also has an automatic commode which is very useful for paralytic patients who find it difficult to use the toilet.

What is a Hospital bed ?

A hospital bed is a specialised bed that is used for a patient who is terminally ill or has just had a surgery done at the hospital and needs post operative care at home for recovery.

These beds have features such as -

  1. Back raise
  2. Leg raise
  3. Hi-lo
  4. Tilt feature

which assist the patient in movement which they are themselves unable to do.

General characterstics of a medical bed -

1. The Frame work of all the beds is made of Rectangular M.S. (Iron) Tubes and the top is made of Perforated M.S. sheet which makes them durable .

2. Each bed has a location for IV Rod

3. Hospital bed is designed in such a way to keep the patients comfort at the core.

4. Overall approx size of beds - 6 ft x 3 ft x 2ft

5. All beds are epoxy powder coated and properly cleaned and dissinfected to maintain hygiene.

6. The patient bed comes with a foam mattress for comfort.

How to choose the right hospital bed ?

Once you get in touch with us we explain the characteristics and features of each of the bed. Each added functionality results in increase in the price for the bed.

The price for a patient hospital bed starts from 15000 for a manual hospital bed to 75000 for a fully functional electrical ICU bed.

What is the process to get a hospital bed at home?

After you select the model of the bed we arrange for the delivery and installation at your home. If you only need the medical bed for a short duration you can also opt for a hospital bed on rent. We offer monthly rentals for most of our hospital beds. The rental patient bed is in brand new condition and proper hygiene has been maintained by us. All the delivery and installation will be done at your home with a demo on how to use all the functionalities that the hospital bed supports.

Hospital Bed rentals.

We provide Hospital bed on rent in Delhi NCR to people who need them for a short period of time. We have made getting a Hospital Bed for rent very convenient and affordable. Hospital Bed rentals start from 3000 pm for a basic manual hospital bed and can go up to 10000 pm for a more advanced Fully Electric ICU bed. The delivery, installation and maintenance of the hospital bed is taken care by us.

Why taking a Hospital Bed on rent is a good idea?

1. Hospital Bed on Rent for trial

Renting a Hospital Bed Renting a Hospital Bed allows a patient to try it out, before purchasing it. Testing a medical bed on rent under specific conditions that it will be used for when owned will help you assess its worthiness for purchase.

2. Patient Bed on Rent for Short term recovery

Rental patient bed make sense if you need it for a few weeks for post-operative recovery or a terminally ill patient who won’t be using it for long.

3. Service and maintenance of the Medical Bed

If you are worried about the service and maintenance of the Hospital Bed and think that if you buy it, you won’t be able to ensure proper functioning of the Hospital Bed then renting it from us would be a great idea as total care of the hospital bed is done by us as long as it stays with you.

4. Affordability

Many a times we might need an Electric Hospital bed at home, but buying one can cost you a lot. Our monthly rentals are very affordable and if you think that you can't spend that much at one go, then renting the hospital bed should be your choice.

What is the process of getting a Hospital Bed for rent?

We provide rental hospital bed all across Delhi NCR. It is generally a three step process –

1. Rent the Hospital Bed

Consult with our experts who will help you select the right hospital bed based on your needs and budget. Choose the correct rental plan. We provide deliveries within 2-3 hours.

2. Receive the Hospital Bed

The hospital bed is delivered to your home by an expert who explains the functionality of the machine. Check the condition of the hospital bed and let the patient who is going to use it try it.

3. Return the Hospital Bed

You can either renew the rental plan next month or if you no longer need the hospital bed you need to return it.

Why Homeland Healthcare for your hospital bed rental needs?

1. We only provide hospital beds sourced from reputed brands to ensure they are reliable and efficient. Also the hospital beds are properly serviced and the mattresses properly cleaned to maintain proper hygiene.

2. We provide you timely service and replacement in case the hospital bed halts or you get stuck on some functionality of the machine.

3. Our monthly rentals are very much affordable and we provide home deliveries making it convenient for you to easily try it at home before taking it.

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